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Balls Breaker is a fantastic classic match-2 game. The main target of the game is to remove all the balls from the board. Sounds easy? :)

Currently there are 6 different worlds with a lot of different levels. Usually you start the world with a simple board and small number of balls. Going further boards become more and more difficult.

In every level you can get maximum of 3 stars. Do you think you can get all stars for every level in every world? :)

Some game tips:
  • In every world you have to use different strategy while removing the bubbles.
  • Your game progress is stored in the game, so you can always go back and play previous worlds and levels.
  • See MENU button during the game for additional game options eg. restart level, play new board, save the game.
  • Save the game and continue it later (see menu during the game). Very useful option if you are playing hard levels with huge boards with a lot of bubbles.
  • There is no limit for undoing the moves.
  • Sometimes it is possible to complete the level without getting the stars.
  • Get all stars!
Game features:
  • A lot of different levels!
  • Nice graphics!
  • Different worlds filled with a lot of bubbles.
  • Cool background music and sound effects.
  • You can save your game progress and continue later.
  • Infinite undo last move option.
  • Support for many different screen resolutions.
  • Nice and smooth animations.

Balls Breaker is still under development. We work really hard to make game better!

We hope You enjoy the game!
Kasur Dev Studio is a small indie computer software company. Company was officially "born" in 2012. We love playing games, but what is more important we really enjoy creating them!

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We have ported Balls Breaker to Bada and Tizen. We got a lot of downloads and good reviews from there. Unfortunately, Bada is officially dead :P and Tizen is still under development :)
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